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Principles of Child Development

Characteristics and Methods to Prevent Injury for Children 7 to 18 Years Old *

Every child will physically grow, learn to think, and develop emotionally at his or her own pace. A child's development is influenced in many ways. A child's family background, peers (friends), and education influence growth and development. Injury prevention strategies should account for a child's growth and development stage. The growth and development characteristics and strategies for preventing injury may overlap across ages depending on the individual development of the child.

Child Development

Children younger than 7 years old should not be assigned farm jobs. For more information see: preventing injury for ages 0-6 years.

* Modified from resource developed by Catherine Ortscheid, based on references (Berger, 1991; Clark, 1994; Green, 1994; Micheli, 1993; Orr, 1998; and Schor, 1998)

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